Friday, January 22, 2010

a dead girl design

Oh my god, I am seeing colors I didn't even know existed. I love my new monitor. It's a Dell UltraSharp U2410. The colors are fantastic. The greys are near perfect. This is the monitor I've always wanted.

I'm still trying to rework that jiangshi design. I don't want her to turn out to be yet an other Hsien-ko/LeiLei palette swap. I didn't want bright colors to overpower her design by using black as the main color of her outfit with bright highlights but.. welp. The colors seem to clash to me, too. But I've been wanting to use THAT shade of violet. And blue. I have yet to work out the really fine details like the clothing pattern or boots.

I also worry about making her design too much of a clusterfuck.

I don't know what to call her.
She's had nothing but bad luck during her life and was killed at a young age unknowingly by Liyu. It was a total accident but I guess that doesn't stop her from holding a grudge and becoming undead.

I'm sorry, I'm so terrible at these things.

i should probably post something

I am upset. But I'm always upset. I'm trying so hard to avoid someone who is making my life a living hell and I've nearly decided to quit drawing altogether. No more cons, no more internet shit. My personal life, ONLY life, on the internet, as pathetic as that sounds, is none of their fucking business. They also have no business FORCING themselves to "help" me set an artists table when I'm PERFECTLY CAPABLE OF DOING THIS ON MY OWN. You controlling egotistical bitch, I fucking hope you die a horrible death. This is MY life, not yours. Stay. The. Fuck. Out. Part of me hopes you see this. I don't know if you're trying to pull some sort of reverse psychology bullshit and PREVENT me from ever pursuing an artistic career because you're doing a damn fine job of it.