Sunday, May 3, 2009


An other design for an upcoming mascot contest. I'm not sure if this design as it currently is will have a chance. It's kind of too detailed, I guess? It's not streamlined and simple like a mascot should be. I guess I'm worried about straying too far from the previous mascots that were designed for this con.

I was inspired by the common images of hydrangeas in rain that I see so often in Japanese illustrations and photos (turns out that hydrangeas bloom during Japan's rainy season in the summer). Then I started thinking about temples.. and then miko.. and then obakemono? I thought a karakasa would make for an interesting umbrella, since umbrellas are repeating motif for this convention's mascots. I dunno, though. I asked a friend what he thought of karakasas and he said they're too freaky looking.

...Oh, I forgot to add the karakasa's foot.

And what is she? A miko? A graduate? She looks like a cross between the two. There's a distinct lack of red and her kimono half is too detailed. I don't know.

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