Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I've been completely absorbed in Japanese art/history/culture for the past few months since I'm attending Japanese-related events. As much as I've gotten sick of Japanese stuff and wanted to move on to learning about other cultures, it's still just as visually and creatively stimulating as always and there's constantly something new and interesting to look up. I'm doing this in the first place so I know enough about Japanese culture to work from it to cater to the weaboos of anime conventions. ...Although, I could just take the easy way out and draw stupid fanart. But I'm a stubborn ass an will try to appeal to them without borderline coypright infringement (no, instead I'll be using cultural appropriation, oho) . It's still probably pointless, though. Anime fans for the most part only care about what directly relates to them. Their animes. And whatever bits of Japanese culture are featured/"advertised" in the saccharine cartoons. They don't ever seem to dig deeper than the marketable garbage that occupies their miniscule attention spans. For fucks sake-- these people can't even take the time to google what real kimonos look like before they half-ass stitch up a bathrobe made of Chinese-styled brocaded satinFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF...oh, look at that wall of text.

Badly drawn and I still can't get a purple and yellow color scheme (besides pastels) too look decent but I need a guide for right now.


rnn said...

Totally true on the kimono thing...LOL, half ass stitch up of Chinese styled brocade! I've done it myself, but for me, this is almost my way of rejecting the notion that I need to be so infatuated with my mom's culture.

I can understand some creative freedom if they're only loosely basing the garb on a kimono or something.

You make some other interesting points here. And it makes me wonder just how do you categorize a weeaboo? Like, a weeb is a weeb, but you're right that the worst ones are the people who pretend to have a deep understanding, but are actually only interested in the surface...especially when they infuse their limited knowledge with their biases they've gotten from shitty animu.

Personally, I really like that you've given a fresh spin on the traditional, mythical culture of both China and Japan...and I agree, even if I get sick of hearing about Japan (especially being a Japanese) you can't argue that it's got one of the world's richest longest, and most interesting cultures. On that note, I'm always frustrated that you haven't gotten more praise for your art...I like it of course, but I guess it's just not marketable. When I see what IS marketable though, it's kind of like, you know? I'm glad Deji stays true to herself.

rnn said...

Hold on, I meant to say 'Japanese major'. That sounded really pretentious...

Zonbi said...

Hrm. I guess there's no respond button on this thing?

Anyway, thanks. I'm not that concerned with lack of praise/attention right now. I'll just keep working at improving, developing a style, and build up my portfolio. It's bound to pay off if I keep working at it. I big part of it is just getting out there and promoting yourself. It could change.

And thanks again, your comments are always appreciated.

Anonymous said...

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