Wednesday, April 29, 2009

tegaki & con to-do list

Cross-post from Tegaki-e

I've been working on this design for a long time. I've went through a lot of concepts for it and still can't get it how I want. At least she looks a bit more ragged like a zombie SHOULD look like. Before her design lines were far too crisp and clean. Although the design I had was better. :/ ..But it didn't suit her. Okay, terrible colors on this drawing because I can't get used to tegaki and manipulate the colors to my liking. Oh well. I just don't want her to look like a Lei-Lei/Hsien-ko/Munak/Bongun palette swap. Urgh. Her costume kind of looks like Li Meiling's design from Card Captor Sakura. Oh well, I have to switch that up anyway.

Con to-do list:

-Kumoricon mascot entry
-Sakura-con mascot entry
-Naka-kon (early Feb.)
-Kawakon (April)
-Anime St. Louis (dunno lol)
-ColossalCon (June next year)
-Motaku (next fall in Kansas City what the fuck they've already got an anime con why the hell are they planning an other one it's not like Naka-kon is huge or something)
- Tokyo in Tulsa (next year possibly holy cow that con is way larger than I expected)

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